Val Sherwood

Val is an established local artist, singer and songwriter, who came up through the Bermuda Folk Club performing at outdoor concerts, private functions, and Chewstick. Her clear voice and mellow guitar styling entertain with classic ballads and love songs. Current focus is on becoming an author and the release of her first book .

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Bermuda Cat Tales comprises twenty-two true Bermuda stories; mostly about cats, but a few ducks, and various other species get a mention too; it’s a lot of fun!

Special moments in the stories are captured with delightful original illustrations by Michelle G. Pasquin, local Animal Artist. The book features personal photographs, interspersed with original whimsical animal poems and my popular Bermuda song lyrics.

Here are animal adventures with happy endings, tall tales that all animal lovers can relate to.

Latest news

Bermuda Cat Tales is selling well at 20 local vendors with more coming on board for the summer tourist season. Dockyard Pharmacy just ordered a dozen copies!

I was invited to make a guest appearance on a Bermuda Railway Forum at the Bermuda College Lifelong Learning Centre mid February attended by about 60 seniors. The Railway Video was played at the beginning of a storytelling presentation by Ruth Thomas and Friends introduced by Robert Horton, my former boss. I certainly felt I was in esteemed company, with lots of good humour and interesting facts.

It was important to give credit to John Woolridge who created the Railway Video, and to acknowledge the late Neil Burnie’s Harmonica playing with Eddie Wicks on the song track.

This was the first of four presentations covering Walking the Trail, it’s History by Simon Horn and Engineering aspects (the new bridges) by Mike Murphy. Cost is $10 and includes fresh sandwiches and fruit.

In the run up to Christmas, on Friday 7th December I sang again at the Perfumery while hundreds of locals and families toured the National Trust houses in St. George’s. I have performed there for over a decade; it was great to see so many familiar faces, and to have something new for fans to purchase as a Christmas gift.

The Hospital did a pop up shop in the Library closer to Christmas, and the Bermuda College have similar plans.

 Hear Val's special song for Christmas 2018

The Railway Trail Video is playing on local television channels and has had regular airplay on Inspire 105, thanks to David Lopes.

The Aquarium & Zoo video and Colours of Bermuda slideshow are also being seen on local television stations.

Val performed at the Bermuda National Trust Walkabout again in December 2017. Most recently, Val entertained the Meals on Wheels about 70 seniors at St. Paul’s Christian Education Center in Paget.

Teach The World was performed with the Bones band at the annual fundraiser for the Neil Burnie Foundation and has been exported for use with Keep Britain Tidy per content about plastic in the world’s oceans. Lyrics are readable here.

The Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau has rebranded as CATS – Cats Assistance and Trapping Services.

The Bermuda Folk Club has moved from Tribe Road Kitchen in town to the Robin Hood Pub and Restaurant and meet once a month on a Saturday – next event Sat 17th March Irish night. Val’s performance of her new Tucker Man song (yes, it’s about a cat!) went down well in January, and we hear rumours of a new song for the Irish night.

Val has been interviewed for Backstage, a local program on Channel 82 where they interview local artists and entertainers.

Bernews wrote an article about my experiences and featuring a few of my videos.

Cablevision has graciously supported the Bermuda Entertainment Showcase DVD. We are asking the community to support our campaign to raise funds for GSP Champions program and to bring awareness to children grieving the loss of a loved one. If you would like to get a copy of the DVD please let us know as we only have the master copy and will have to place an order as per request. Thanks once again for supporting our charity as we provide trauma counselling,healthy food items education scholarships and school uniforms to children left behind from gun violence. At present there are over 50 children, the youngest 9 months, eldest 15 years old. This is the only program of it's kind in Bermuda providing support to children and families effected by gun violence.
Video is streaming now on Bernews

I grew with Chewstick collaborating as sister organizations when President of the Bermuda Folk Club, as fellow musicians looking out for the younger generation and Chewstick was a place I could take my poetry and short stories as well as original songs to a receptive audience. I extended my Bermuda family at Chewstick and got great exposure at their events such as Kitefest at Horseshoe Bay. I came to the attention of Gina Spence Productions and participated in the Bermuda Entertainers Showcase this May through Chewstick, and it was an honour and a privilege to perform in front of 500 people at the S/ton Fairmont. Loved singing with your Wall St Band and other times when as a solo artist your talented musicians have softly picked up what I was singing and joined in to enhance it. Last October, Gavin and Deidra nudged me to host a songwriting session at the Chewstick retreat at Paget Island - loved being able to give back. I met Mr. Magic through Chewstick and was interviewed for Channel 82 - again great exposure as a local artist. Neil Burnie knew a good place to hang out - from my Chewstick networking, he played on my CD on two songs and last but not least, I found an old family connection with Najib Chentouf - my father brought his father out to Bda in the 60's. So absolutely, YES, BERMUDA NEEDS CHEWSTICK! Val Sherwood.

The Chewstick Foundation (Registered Charity #857) is still reeling from the devastating fire that took place on Thursday, July 21, 2016 that began in a nearby alleyway. Please help them to recover.

Four Minutes of Fabulous!

An audio visual presentation of the song "Colours of Bermuda"
Images by Alan Marquardt. Cahow images by Jeremy Madeiros.
This has been selected by Cablevision to show on Community Channel 100

A few very nice comments...

I've just been listening to your songs, Colours of Bermuda (which really should be your national anthem) and Be Fabulous. What a lovely voice you have, and you're a talented composer.
Thanks for sharing them with me. Also, I'm so pleased you enjoyed my books.
HB, International author

Any of you who were a part of the music world in Bermuda when I was, will remember Val Sherwood as a shy young upcoming artist who played guitar and began composing her own 'folk style' music and lyrics. Since those 'fledgling days and because of her dedicated determination to succeed, Val has become incredibly successful with her unique style of music and lyrics which she has written and published over the years.
BC, Bermuda

Congratulations on the release of your new album! I know you put a lot of hard work into making the album a reality. Your songs are so inspirational and from the heart.
CB, Bermuda

We have visited Bermuda for the past 11 summers and I am just finding your music. Unfortunately we will not be visiting there this summer.

I constantly play your tape [sic] while in the car! Your unique voice and style accompanied by the musical background arrangements are most impressive - as are the tempo beats that you 'slide into' so easily. It's an impressive pool of talent.
BCC, Bermuda

Very Cool. I love the lyrics and they will help us [Spirit of Bermuda]. The pictures and music are also very inspiring. Many thanks. I also love the theme/lyrics of "Be Fabulous". Well done.
JK, Bermuda

Got to hear your colours of have a beautiful voice.
LH, Bermuda

Val - I just listened (and watched) Four Minutes of Fabulous - and guess what? It really WAS four minutes of fabulous!!
I have always appreciated Bermuda and her beauty but both the words and the pictures made me appreciate it even more (and I didn't think that was possible).
AC, Bermuda

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music with us! Of course, I needed a tissue for "Be Fabulous" - clearly a matter very near and dear to my heart. Thank you again for bringing your wonderful work to our attention and thank you for all you do to help animals!

I can't believe that you can sing like an angel AND also compose and write songs. You are a genius!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your album. It is far ahead of your first one, I play it all the time in the car and really loud and sing along to it. I even find myself singing the songs around the house.
DH, Bermuda

We recently bought a new car so your cd is the first and only (so far) to be played on the high tech music system. You have a really beautiful voice Val and we have listened to your music virtually non-stop in the car for the past 3 days.
RH, Swaziland

About Val's albums

Be Fabulous - The New Album
Val continued to write stronger melodies, clearer hooks, deeper lyrics, and more complex songs so that before long, there were another dozen songs crying out to be recorded.
Be Fabulous is available at the Music Box and Brown & Co in Hamilton, Hand Made in Dockyard, Memories in St. Georges and now at Masterworks Museum in the Botanical Gardens, Paget.

"The album as a whole has an upbeat mood which perfectly reflects much of Bermuda's beauty and spirit."
Read Scott Neil's article in the Royal Gazette.

Never Tell Them Why
Val's first album which was released under the name of Val Wallace
Twelve original songs half of which were love songs and half social comment, with one religious and one environmental song

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The Railway Trail Song Click here to open in your media player

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