For My Love

Without William in my life,

There would be no light in my life.

The west in winter, silver water;

William's working with our daughter;

The mill wheel turning, in the evening light,

William's returning to his wife.


His Lord and Master has a war to fight;

He's taken William with him tonight.

Oh, where is William, for the days are long;

My hands are weary, his arms are strong.

For I know William has a heart of gold;

He would not leave us to face the cold.




ChorusLast chorus
And for my love, I will wait I did wait
For my love, so far away
And for my love, I will wait I did wait
For my love, so far away. Now safe with me


Perhaps it be; he's in some foreign land,

Under a strange command,

And cannot send word to me.

Sad say I, that he should go abroad,

Live by the sword,

And never return to me.

At night I dream, he will come home to rest;

Lay his hand upon my breast,

And never go away.



A lovely daughter; a faithful wife.

We work the farm now; we share the strife.

Three seasons gone now, and I need him here.

Wait - who's that riding in the clear?

'Tis my own true William, free from injury;

He has returned safe to Jenny and me.


© Val Sherwood

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