Come on down to the Girlie Gym

Do it for you, girl - not for him!

Thirty minutes and you're done;

You might have even had some fun!

We all know that life is tough;

Curves Ladies strut their stuff!

Start off with a steady beat;

Now move your body - move your feet!




You've got to maximize your exercise!

Take it in stride; Feel good inside,

With your best friend by your side!

Curves has tunes to work out to;

And staff that show you what to do.

Thirty seconds; movin' on

A second round and then you're gone!

We're ladies, we're a moving force

Looking our best as a matter of course!

Makes you feel good, that's what it does,

Come on down for the six o'clock buzz!




Rock and roll or a Latin beat,

A Curves workout leaves you complete!

The mood goes up; the scales go down,

Inches off, good curves all round!




© Val Sherwood

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