Colours Of Bermuda

The colours of Bermuda will take you by surprise,

The beauty of Bermuda will open up your eyes,

And I would like to show you all the terra cotta tones

The peaches, rose, and oranges, of my Bermuda home.


The scent of Frangipani flowers pink & white

The gentle petals falling in the quiet of the night

Come and see our tree frogs, so tiny and so moist

These little bright-eyed creatures have an awesome voice



Come on out and celebrate; no matter the years have passed!

Bermuda's beauty, all her colours, they were meant to last.


The Cedars of Bermuda, now growing straight and tall

We nearly lost them once when I was very small

But like the Cahow chicks they are here with us again

And we must take good care of them so that they will remain


The green and brown of turtles when they come up for air

Rainbow-coloured reef fish in the water clear

Purple Coral Sea Fans that dance beneath the waves

The darkness and the cool of our Crystal Caves




The Spirit of Bermuda she sails the ocean wide

Her crew are from all backgrounds, working side by side

They tell me that the dolphins keep her company

The gray dives through the blue in perfect harmony



© Val Sherwood

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