Tucker Man
A Pub Monologue by Val Sherwood February 2017

My name is Tucker Man, and this is my sad story
It’s about a lot of things, mostly territory.
My lady, she’s an author; she’s written about me
Of my days of wine and roses, and short-lived Royalty
Like many cats before me, I was King for a short while
Like Coopers down on Front St, I had my own style

When I was just a wee lad, a bundle of gray fur
With my brothers and my sisters, and life was just a blur
My mother had the cat ‘flu, & all of us were sick
My lady dashed us to the vet; Endsmeet or was it Ettrick?
It’s there that I was treated, my lady bathed my eyes
Cuddled us, kept us warm, listened to our cries

My siblings’ sight was saved, but I was too far gone
I became Special Needs, and Royalty was born
Of course, I was so handsome, my lass could not resist
A rich and smoky silver gray ; loving me was bliss
I thought I was the only one, the great love of her life
Imagine my surprise to find I had a wife

© Val Sherwood

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