Railway Trail Song


There's something so familiar in the rhythm of the train

Something quite compelling as steady as good rain

Come gather round; hear my tale

How Bermuda got her Railway Trail.


Well, Bermuda had a railway in 1931;

17 years later, that railway she was gone;

Sold to British Guyana; sold to British Guyana

From St. George to Somerset, forty-two stops in between

She was standard gauge and diesel, Kitchen ran her like a dream

He was the Engineer; he was the engineer.

First class and second class, and purple livery

She carried food and flowers; routine delivery

In our growing years; in our growing years




Fourteen million passengers and all through World War II;

It was hard to get her parts and the rails they rusted through;

Old Shake and Rattle; Old Shake and Rattle.

Along came Major Carswell; Canadian army man;

Transportation? Recreation? I think I have a plan.

Let's have a Railway Trail; let's have a Railway Trail.

Then came Dewey Marquardt; a Parks crew cleared the trees.

We could see our architecture and feel the ocean breeze.

They called him Superman; they called him Superman.




So when you go out jogging or raise money for charity,

Give a thought to how the Railway and the Trail they came to be;

Chug Chug Chug Chug - tickety boo; Chug Chug Chug Chug tickety boo;

And as the sun is going down; you will feel no guilt

Because the most expensive railway, per mile, ever built

Is now your Railway Trail; is now your Railway Trail

Yours forever - take good care;

Yours forever - yours to share

That's my story - that's the glory

How Bermuda got her Railway Trail!


© Val Sherwood

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